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I do believe that religion is, among other things, an intellectual activity
-- and to play upon Paul Ricoeur's well-known phrase, it is the perception of incongruity that gives rise to thought.   
Jonathan Z. Smith (Map, 1978: 293-4)



Sigrid Peterson's current CV is here.

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Use this link for the complete pdf file of my dissertation on 6 Macc, "Martha Shamoni: A Jewish Syriac Rhymed Liturgical Poem about the Maccabean Martyrdoms (Sixth Maccabees)." This link prints with the "print as image" command.

Use this link for a print quality pdf file of 6 Macc, "Part II: Text, Translation, and Commentary." This file allows you to read the Syriac text reproduction more clearly.

Go to Page Two in order to download the dissertation in segments.


The following links take you to pdf files of the unedited originals of some of my presented papers, in approximate chronological order. 

The first to go online in this way is "Martha Shamuni: Presenting a Rediscovered Text of the Maccabean Martyrdoms, " which I presented at the Association for Jewish Studies, in Boston, in December of 1997. Note the difference in spelling the name Shamoni, here as Shamuni. The pdf file is here.

This paper, "Naming the Anonymous," was presented at PSCO on May 14, 2004. it requires a conclusion discussing the well-known paper by Gerson Cohen on "Hannah and her Seven Sons." I do, here, discuss the acquisition, over time, of names for the mother and seven sons, in Syriac and Old English.

The third online text, is the following, titled "Women Who Received Their Dead by Resurrection ." A pdf file of the paper, presented to the Penn Religious Studies Colloquium on October 28 of 2004, is located here.You can find the handout that accompanied the paper at this link.

The next text to go online is a slightly revised version of "Materials for Midrash: A Case Study ," paper presented to the Rabbinic and Patristic Exegesis Group. 6 Annual Meeting, Society for Biblical Literature, New Orleans, Louisiana, Nov. 1996. Revised as of 1/1997.

Find the paper Maccabean Martyrdoms: Versions and Varieties here, together with the long bibliography of versions in the accompanying handout. The paper and bibliography present the" afterlife" or nachleben of the Maccabean martyrdoms. That is, the developing use of the theme in many areas of the Ancient Near and Middle East.

The November 2006 Paper, Syriac-Speaking Judaism: They who Read and Write in the (Syriac) Outside Books represents a presentation to the History and Literature of Early Rabbinic Judaism Section meeting jointly with AAR and SBL, November 20, 2006. There is also a brief handout.

This is the link to "'Transgressive:' The Implications and Meaning of )Lw( in Jewish Syriac Text and Translation" The revised paper has been edited for publication in Eric Meyers, Paul V. M. Flesher, and Lucas Van Rompay, eds., tentative title Aramaic Studies in Judaism and Early Christianity, Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns In preparation (estimated 2008).

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